EdTech CPD Packages

Education technology is more than just robotics days and computer science. Computing can be used across all subject areas to engage, motivate and promote effective learning.

We offer two EdTech professional development packages that each create an effective CPD offering for the entire school that bring tangible benefits to all of your staff.



1 Place on Become an EdTech Advocate

Coordinator Network Meetings

Resource Hub Access




Access to CPD materials

Virtual Coordinator Network Meetings

Resources Hub Access


Become an EdTech Advocate

An in-person course for a designated member of staff to gain professional development in using technology to enhance learning. Exploring all areas of the curriculum and taking the skills back to the rest of your staff.


What to expect

The 5 day course is based on 4 full days and 2 twilight sessions spread out over the year.

Each of the sessions will focus on different aspects of the computing curriculum and candidates will learn new skills, appropriate software to use, approaches to using technology within the classroom and also how computing can be used across all subject areas to help enhance the teaching and learning experience in your school.

There will be opportunities for candidates to try out activities they have learned back in the classroom and time for them to share their successes and outcomes in future sessions.

Builds a Community

The course includes an online community with the group for collaborating ideas, sharing good practice with each other and building a network of useful relationships across the schools.

Coordinator Network Meetings


Regular hosted meetings for your Computing Lead.



Latest guidance on the computing curriculum

Strategic support in line with Ofsted framework


Updates on software and hardware technologies


Opportunity to network with colleagues and consultants

Resources Hub


An online collection of resources to support formal and informal curriculum opportunities.


Lesson plans and activities to support schools

implementing the National Curriculum for Computing


Tutorials to support the delivery of individual activities


Advice on integrating Computing skills into cross-curricular units of work


Assessment objectives and exemplar materials

Online CPD Materials

Supports the delivery of EdTech in your school

  • Online tutorials and activity ideas for the computing curriculum

  • Released at regular intervals during the year

Virtual Coordinator Network Meetings

A shortened online version of our face-to-face meetings.

Resources Hub Access

The same resources as featured in our face-to-face package.

Frequently asked questions

Who can attend?

It is our advice that the nominated member of staff for these courses isn’t necessarily the Computing coordinator. Whilst it is obviously the school’s decision as to who they send, our recommendation would be that the candidate is an enthusiastic teacher with a desire to explore the possibilities of technology use across the curriculum.

What are the course dates?

We'll be announcing the dates for our 2021/22 courses soon.

Can different staff members attend different days?

The EdTech CPD course is designed for a designated member of staff and we recommend that the same member of staff attends all of the sessions. In the event of a member of staff being unable to attend, then the school would be able to send someone else in their place.

Where do the courses take place?

We use a number of different venues for training that enable us to enhance the experience of the day (e.g. RAF Cosford, Molineux, Art Gallery, Kingswood Trust). All locations will be confirmed by one of our consultants closer to the dates.

What happens if we are still under lockdown?

In the event of being unable to deliver face-to-face training, our consultants will look to deliver some aspects through video conferencing and with supporting resources.