Remote EdTech Support

Wherever you are in the UK our team can help your school. We have developed an effective fully remote package to help your school that still includes curriculum projects, network meetings and online professional development.




4 Curriculum Projects
(delivered remotely)


1 Staff Meetings
(delivered remotely)


Access to online CPD materials
+ online support


Remote Coordinator Network Meetings

Access to Education Consultant Support


Our Remote Ready Projects

We have a wide selection of effective projects that are delivered remotely. Our consultants will deliver parts of the day via video conference in collaboration with the class teacher.

Digital Artist

Our Digital Art projects will allow learners to be creative and express themselves and their individuality, using software and apps available, with varying degrees of complexity.

Digital Music

Our Digital Music projects will enable students to create sounds and compositions through digital technologies, no matter what their musical ability, to access what otherwise could be perceived as a specialised subject.

Digital Data Handler

Our Digital Data Handling projects will bring the world of data handling to life in a fun and interactive way, enabling students to collect, analyse and present data in real life scenarios.

Digital Designer

Our Digital Design projects will give the chance for students to look at the world of 3D design and use appropriate apps and software to create virtual models and designs based on cross curricular topics.

Digital Publisher

Our Digital Publishing projects allow learners to develop their writing skills, whilst providing an authentic audience for their writing. It covers a range of formats such as e-books, blogs, flyers, websites and comic strips.

Digital Programmer

Our Digital Programming projects cover both the theoretical elements of computer science such as 'computational thinking' and logic and the actual skills of programming, testing and debugging that are critical to writing effective programs.

Online CPD Package

Our online package gives your school the essentials without the need for face-to-face meetings and class sessions. It’s a great option for schools that are unable to attend our in-person meet-ups and training sessions.

Online CPD Materials

Access to CPD materials to support delivery of EdTech in your School

  • Online tutorials and activity ideas for the computing curriculum

  • Released at regular intervals during the yea

Virtual Coordinator Network Meetings


  • Regular hosted meetings for your Computing Lead

  • Latest guidance on the computing curriculum

  • Strategic support in line with Ofsted framework

  • Updates on software and hardware technologies

  • Opportunity to network with colleagues and consultants

We also offer a wider range of support packages that can be delivered in person. If you think you maybe interested in any of these you can find out more here.