Our latest GoRead activity the “GoReadathon”, challenged schools to get reading during the lockdown. There was a league table for all the schools taking part that took into account how many children were logging reading each day and how much reading was being logged. The top three schools received trophies to celebrate their success.

GoReadathon was designed to support schools with engaging children and parents during the lockdown. By pitting schools across the country in a reading challenge, schools were able to galvanise their school community to read often. The extra competitive edge gave the event a focus and status in which many thousands of children engaged.

Evidence suggests that reading for pleasure leads to increased attainment. Clark and DeZoya (2011) found a significant positive relationship between enjoyment and attainment indicating that pupils who read more are also better readers. Young people who reported not enjoying reading at all were 11 times more likely than those who enjoyed reading very much to read below the level expected for their age. Evidence from OECD found that reading enjoyment is more important for children's educational success than their family's socio-economic status. Clark and Rumbold (2006) argue that reading for pleasure helps to combat social exclusion and raise educational standards.

There is a link between positive attitudes towards reading and scoring well on reading assessments; for example, PIRLS2 (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study) data found that children with the most positive attitudes to reading were more likely to do well on reading assessments. There is also a relationship between reading frequency and attainment. Clark and Douglas (2011) in their survey of 17,000 young people found that those who were at or above the expected reading level for their age read more frequently than young people who are below the expected level for their age. Clark (2011) found only one in 10 young people who read rarely or never read, scored above the level expected for their age compared with one in three young people who read every day. PIRLS also reports a positive relationship between the frequency of reading for pleasure and scores on PIRLS literacy tests.

The graphic below provides quotes from schools who took part and also data on the amount of reading that took place during the challenge.

Feedback from schools was overwhelmingly positive and overall the project had a highly positive impact upon engagement levels in reading during a very challenging time.

Quotes from schools, pupils and parents

The GoReadathon was a fantastic way to unite all children whilst they were at home. We promote a love of reading at SSPP and the GoReadathon was a perfect way to promote this further during a time of remote learning.

Using GoRead has encouraged children’s independence and has provided evidence that children have continued to use their reading skills to develop reading fluency and discover a range of vocabulary.

The competition emphasised just how important reading is and will have enabled children to show how they have engaged in reading a wide range of books, with the option to communicate with teachers through other platforms, receiving feedback on the books they have read.

Miss Z Rickhuss

Teaching Assistant

SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary Academy & Nursery

Reading is always a focus at SS Peter and Paul, however our children and staff went above and beyond during the GoReadathon competition, and there was a genuine buzz from all children at home and in school about reading. Parental engagement had also never been higher! Winning the competition is a great result for the whole school community's effort!

Jamie Morgan Vice Principal

The Big GoReadthon not only got children motivated about reading widely and often it also gave the platform to get even more parents regularly logging in, sharing useful information with class teachers about reading progress.

Jenny Byrne



"The GoReadathon helped people to have less screen time and it helped them develop a wider imagination." - Dea

"It encouraged me to read every day." - Gaudre

"The app was so much fun and it united lots of different schools to be competitive." - Jonah

"The GoReadathon challenge helped me to develop a greater interest and appreciation for books." - Kayla

"It made me read more books in this amount of time than I thought I ever would." - Ethan

"The GoReadathon made me enjoy books more than I did before." - Victoria

"It made my mind develop its understanding of vocabulary I had never heard before." - Theo

"It made me more imaginative and creative." - Austeja

"It made me read so many more books and I enjoyed receiving the gems and spending them on cards." - Paris

"I liked having the competition with bigger schools and that coming third place it allowed us as a school to see how much we enjoy reading".

I like being able to see how they have got on with reading in school and the competition helped my son make a lot of progress quickly because it motivated him to want to read even more regularly - a great idea for lockdown!


Parent in Y1

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