School Websites

Your school website can be much more than a set of tick boxes that satisfy Ofsted requirements! 

Pre-order your 2022 school website now.


Primary School Website Subscription:


Secondary School Website Subscription:



Feature Packed

Dynamic Blog Posts

Deliver all the news, announcements and updates to parents.

Custom Animated Banners

Show off your school with a scrolling banner displaying a range of images from your school.


Use these buttons to download your school policies or navigate your website easily.

Clip art and Avatars

Customise your site to best suit your audience with custom avatars on clip art on your site.

Audio Players

Showcase your school’s audio with podcast and music players.


Extensive galleries to showcase your pupils' best work

Titles and Text

Use custom fonts that best suite your school brand.

Document Downloads

Have all your school policies on your website ready for users to download and view.

Interactive Elements

Get your users to interact with your site with custom forms, videos and pop ups.

Contact Forms

Forms to allow your parents to get in contact with the school.


Easily inform when the next parents evening or sports day is being held

Images and Videos

Display your school images and videos directly on your website with our video and image blocks.

Photo Galleries

Display your students work in modern galleries on your school site for your parents to see.

Lists, Grids and Tables

Display your school data on your site.


The best way to keep your parents up to date with school news.

Free App




A free app is included in all our website packages 

Premium Features

These features are priced on application


Website Verification with google

Verify your website with google to achieve better search results and customise your google ID card.

Google Analytics

Get detailed analytics of your school site.

Custom Coded Features

We can develop custom features for your school site based on your needs.

Upload Buttons

Receive files from your users on your site.

Embedded Social Media Feeds

Embed your school’s social media feed directly onto your school’s webpage.

Embedded Elements

Embedded sites, videos, and audio player files directly onto your site.